Battery Care and Maintenance
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Rolls Battery of NE offers an extensive line of automotive, light truck, heavy duty, marine, lawn & garden, golf cart and powersport batteries with sizes and power levels for all of your automotive, commercial and recreational needs. Here are some tips from our experts:
Keep it cool... ideally, park the car in a shady spot or in a garage, protecting the battery from damaging heat Get a head start on winter... contact Rolls Battery of NE and ask your technician to test or charge your battery Prepare for a road trip... watch for terminal corrosion on the battery and make sure all connections are clean and tight.  Ask your technician to test your battery. Pack battery jumper cables Keep a charge and maintain power of your battery When purchasing a new battery consider size, power and warranty
“The Battery Guys”
“The Battery Guys”
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15-40 T3 Triple Protection Case 3/1 gal $48.95