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“The Battery Guys”
“The Battery Guys”
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Rolls Battery of New England is a division of J’s Automotive Warehouse located at 70 Oak Street Salem, Ma. 01970. Joseph (Jay) McGinnis and Dana Shorey teamed up in 2000 to add the Rolls Battery Division. Jay and Dana are both lifelong boaters who bring commercial, recreational, power and sail experience to the table. Jay has been in the automotive business for more than 30 years and Dana has been in the battery industry for more than 30 years. Let us put our combined 60 + years of battery and electrical system knowledge to work for you. Replacing an automotive battery is pretty basic. Take a part number or group size, meet or exceed the OEM cranking performance and you’re all set. In the marine world it’s a little different. You can take two identical vessels with two different owners and the boats could have completely different electrical needs. For example a boat that goes from slip to slip and plugs in at the end of the day is different than a boat that leaves from a mooring, anchors and fishes all day then returns to the mooring. That’s why it’s important to let our onsite battery specialists work with you, apply their experience, and identify the best options for your power system. We can help you properly size a battery bank and charging system for your boat, RV, or alternative energy site so it will work as a complete system.
15-40 T3 Triple Protection Case 3/1 gal $48.95